Winter 2021 🥶

Winter is upon us and it is that perfect time of year to wrap up in front of the fireplace, with a mug of steaming hot chocolate(or your hot beverrage of choice).☕ Time to enjoy the pop and crackle of the fireplace!

Remember to secure your firewood as early as possible and get it under cover so it stays nice and dry, ready to use all winter. A warm home is a healthy home and that starts with having good dry firewood.

If for some reason you find yourself running low on firewood during winter, shop wisely!

Unfortunately it becomes very hard to dry firewood during winter and some companies will sell firewood that they claim is dry but is in fact very wet. While it may cost more, we highly recommend that you purchase firewood that has been stored under cover since the onset of winter. While it may cost more, you will get much better value for money.

So to you all, the team at Capital Firewood would like to say: Stay safe, healthy and above all warm!

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