Q. Do you deliver?
A. Yes we do. Capital Firewood delivers throughout the Wellington Region, as far north as Pukerua Bay and Upper Hutt. Please inquire if you need a delivery outside this area.
Q. Do you allow collection?
A. Yes we do however our yard can become very busy so collection is by appointment only.
Q. What is the cost of delivery?
A. Delivery is free if you order 3 or more cubic meters in one order. For all smaller orders there is a delivery fee of $75
Q. When do you deliver?
A. Capital Firewood delivers year round Monday to Saturday 6am - 7pm. Special delivery times can be arranged for a small fee.
Q. What is the best firewood to buy?
A. This is a million dollar question. It depends on a range of variables including the size of your fireplace, is the fire your main source of heating, open or closed fire etc. We would recommend sticking with a wood type that you have found works for you in the past, however if this is your first time purchasing firewood then we would recommend a mix such as: 50/50 Pine & Gum, 50/50 Pine & Macrocarpa. These mixes will give you a good starting point with some soft wood to get the fire started and some harder wood to keep the fire going for longer periods.
Q. How much firewood will I Need?
A. This has a lot of variables such as, is the fire is your main source of heat, is your house insulated, size of your house, do you burn all day/night or only for a few hours, open  or closed fire, type of firewood used etc.
We recommend buying more than you think you will need as firewood can be stored under cover for a few years. If you find you got too much one year it will keep until next winter. An average household who uses the fire as their main source of heating will use 6-12 cubic meters per winter.
Q. What size are your pieces of firewood?
A. We use a range of processing equipment to ensure we have reasonably standard size pieces of wood. On average the size would be: 30cm Long x 10cm x 10cm +- 5cm
We are able to cut and split firewood to a specific size to meet your requirements. Give us a call to discuss. 04 974 5866
Q. What is the difference between wood types?
A. Firewoods are ranked based on their hardness or density. This refers to how tightly packed the fibres are.
Plantation Pine is typically a younger tree(20-30Years) and is considered a soft-medium wood. It is fairly pourus so drys quickly but also absorbes moisture again once dry. Plantation Pine also burns quicker than harder timbers but gives a nice heat to get your fire started. Plantation pine is some of the fastest drying pine and if split and stacked correctly, exposed to the wind it can dry in 3-4 months.
Old Man Pine is typically much older than Plantation Pine(40+years) and is considered a medium wood. Because of its age the fibres are more tightly packed so Plantation Pine will take longer to dry but will burn hotter for longer. Old Man Pine can dry in as little as 6 months if split and left out in the open during the summer months.
Gum is a fantastic Medium-Hard wood. It typically takes longer to dry than Pine but burns hotter for longer. Despite Gum being a harder timber it does tend to absorbe rain water fairly well so we recommend that it is stored under cover out of the rain. Gum will take no less than 1 year to dry.
Macrocarpa is our faviourate type of firewood. It is much harder than Pine and Gum so it burns hot for a long time. It is much harder to start a fire using Macrocarpa so we recommend getting a mix of Pine and Macrocarpa. While Macrocarpa won't absorbe as much water as Gum and Pine if left in the rain we highly recommend storing it under cover in a well ventilated space. Macrocarpa can take 2 years to fully dry.
Q. Kiln Dry, Seasoned, Semi Dry or Green?
A. Green refers to firewood which has only just been cut down and split. Typically Green wood will have only been split for a few days before delivery. Only buy Green firewood if you have space to store it and dry it correctly. You will need to allow up to 2 years for green wood to dry fully. Green timber can have a moisture content greater than 50-60%
Semi Dry refers is wood which has been split and partially seasoned/dried. This wood is best purchased in the spring/early summer so you can store it under cover which will allow it to fully dry in time for winter. Semi Dry wood will have a moisture content of 35-45%
Seasoned timber is timber that has been drying for at least 6 months. Typically the timber will be stored as logs for 3-6months and then cut and split and left to dry for a further period of up to 6 months. Dry timber is calssified as having less than 25% moisture. Never burn timber that has a moisture content greater than 25%.
Kiln Dry timber is firewood that has been heated to remove the maximum possible amount of water. Kiln dried firewood should have less than 5% moisture content.
Q. Is your firewood dry?
A. See above question and answer for more detail on what is considered dry/semi dry etc. We will never supply you firewood which contains more moisture than what is set out above. If for some reason we make a mistake and supply you with the wrong timber we will happily swap it for you and offer a discont off your next order.
Q. How can I measure the moisture content of my firewood?
A. A reasonable quality moisture meter is relatively inexpensive and can be purchased through our online store
These are very easy to use and give you an instant % measurement. Simply surn the unit on and push the metal prong into the piece of firewood you wish to measure.
Q. When should I buy my firewood?
A. This depends on what grade of firewood you wish to buy. We recomend that if you wish to fully dry your own wood then you buy Green firewood at least 12 months before you will need it.
Semi Dry firewood should be purchased at least 4-6 months before you will require it to be dry. Store under cover in a well ventilated area and this will dry nicely.
Seasoned firewood should be purchased in the Spring/Summer months before the coming winter. Allow at least 1 month for this wood to be stored under cover before you will need it. Seasoned firewood can be purchased in early winter however it is likely to sell out fast.
Kiln Dried firewood can be purchased at any time of year including the middle of winter when seasoned timber may be unavalible or too wet to burn.
Q. Do you offer Winz Quotes?
A. Yes we do. Get in touch with us here and we will be happy to help.
Q. Do you offer lay-by?
A. Yes. Please get in touch with us so we can understand your needs and we will make a plan that suits you.
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