Firewood is considered an essential service, therefore Capital Firewood Ltd will remain in operation at all alert levels.

For more info on how we keep you and our staff safe, see our page below.

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Hand washing

At all alert levels we ensure our staff regularly wash their hands according to the Ministry of Health guidelines.

At all times our staff will also have access to hand sanitizer which they are encouraged to use.  

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Face Masks

Alert Level 1: We do not require staff to wear a face mask but we                         provide them should they want to.

Alert Level 2: At alert level 2, we encourage our staff to wear a                             face mask when interacting with our customers and                         the public or whilst working in a confined space                               with other staff members.

Alert Level 3 & 4: All staff are required to wear a face mask at all                                  times whist at work.

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Social Distancing

Alert Level 1: We do not require staff to social distance

At all other alert levels, we require our staff to maintain 2m distance from all other staff, customers and public.


We are very grateful to the the New Zealand government for providing a vaccine to keep us all safe.

We encourage all our staff to take advantage of this provision and to date all staff have received at least one dose of the vaccine or are fully vaccinated.  

Need more info?

If you would like more info on any of the above points or anything else not covered here, you can contact us by clicking here.

For more information on Covid-19 you can visit the official New Zealand government website by clicking here.