Welcome To Capital Firewood

We Supply Quality Firewood To The Wellington Region

Capital Firewood is a family owned and operated business which supplies the Wellington Region.

Here at Capital Firewood we pride ourselves in supplying superior firewood and fantastic service.

We know how important it is to keep your home warm during the cold winter months and this drives us to do everything we can to ensure you have access to the best possible firewood.

A warm, dry home is a healthy home. Who wouldn't want that?

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Firewood Types


Our pine is typically a mix of plantation pine and old man pine. This gives a nice mix of younger, faster burning plantation pine and slower burning old man pine.

Pine is a great firewood to use to get your fire started as when dried correctly it catches fire fast. Pine is more porous than other types of wood so can absorb moisture. We recommend that pine firewood should be stored under cover for best results.

Gum is a harder, hotter and longer burning wood which is perfect to use once you have the fire lit using a softer wood such as pine.

Gum typically takes longer to dry but once dry will not absorb as much water as pine. For best results we recommend you buy gum seasoned or dry and store under cover for a great hot burning experience. 

A 50/50 mix load of gum and pine is a great way to keep your fire burning all winter.

Macrocarpa is one of our favorite types of fire wood. It is a very hard, dense wood that once dried correctly will burn for a long time. A few larger pieces of Macrocarpa on a fire set on low will burn for a good portion of the night meaning you wake up to a warm house.

Store under cover once properly dried for best results.

A mix of pine and Macrocarpa is highly recommended to see you through the long cold months.

Other types of firewood such as Manuka may become available at any time. For more info please get in touch with the team at Capital Firewood by clicking here.

Pick up and Delivery

As our firewood yard is typically an operational area with heavy machinery working on site pickups must be arranged in advance. Allowance can be made if you need firewood urgently.

Minimum delivery of 2 cubic meters. Fees apply up to 4 cubic meters.

Capital Firewood offers a delivery service throughout the Wellington region, from Miramar in the south to Upper Hutt and Pukerua bay in the north. An additional delivery fee applies outside this area. Please click here to get in touch.

Contact us:
E: sales@capitalfirewood.co.nz
P: 04 974 5866